Gay Schy

Country: USA

Title:  Her Arms Became the Oars

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 5' x 5'

The World's Women On-Line!

Schy's work uses fragments and layers of imagery to suggest the idea that time passes, things change, but always there is something left-- the traces, the suggestions of what was. She has always been interested in veiled images, in the half-concealed secrets that at the same time want to be known and yet want to be hidden. Juxtaposed to this is her interest in transparency, where one can see behind and through, and where there are multiple meanings in the layers of seemingly unrelated images.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Secret Alphabets, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company, Santa Cruz, California, 1995; Les Voix Basses II, Rental Gallery, Art Museum of Santa Cruz County, California, 1994; Les Voix Basses I, Frederick Spratt Gallery, San Jose, California, 1994; New Constructions, d.p.Fong Gallery, San Jose, 1993; Veiled Images, d.p.Fong Gallery, San Jose, 1990; Ceremonial Time, San Jose State University, San Jose, 1990; and Night Journal, San Jose State University, San Jose, 1989.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Annual Valentine Invitational Exhibition & Silent Auction, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, 1988-'95; 20 / 20 Insight: Forty Regional Women Artists, Galeria Tonantzin, San Juan Bautista, 1994; Stars Invitational, Art Museum of Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz, 1994; International Exhibition of Prints, Galeria Tonantzin, San Juan Bautista, 1994; Artist's View of Heaven, San Jose State University, 1993; Works of 24 California Artists, Humboldt State University, 1991; and Invitational Exhibition, Works Gallery, San Jose, 1990.
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