Candace Shepard

Country: USA

Title:  Meet One Future Re-assured

Medium: Relief print, collage

Size: 24" x 24"

The World's Women On-Line!

Shepard is a visual artist, painting and printing in her press equiped studio at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. She teaches art process through workshops and classes, giving tools for self-expression by focusing on technique and the study of artistic accomplishments of the past and present. She is also involved with alternative arts groups, area universities, and museums.

Her selected exhibitions include: Boulder Art Center, 1993 and '94; Sidney's Cappuccino Art Bar, 1993 and '94; CORE New Art Space, 1992-'94; Alternative Arts Alliance, 1992-'94; Open Press, 1992 and '93; Emmanuel Gallery, 1993; Sibell-Wolle Gallery at the University of Colorado, 1993; John Gross Studio, 1993; Pirate Contemporary Art Oasis, 1992 and '93; Mackey Gallery, 1992; Auraria Campus Library Gallery, 1992; and EDGE, 1992.

Candace Shepard organizes and participates in collaborative projects and would like to hear about opportunities to communicate using the language of visual arts. She can be reached at telephone number (303) 823-6711.
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