Ayumi Shigematsu

Country: Japan

Title:  Bone Ear '97-4

Medium: Earthenware clay

Size: 74 x 43 x 44.5 cm

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Shigematsu was born in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. She received her MFA and BFA from Kyoto Municipal University of Arts. She makes models of her works by manipulating small lumps of clay in her fingers, searching for the right form. It may be that her fingers are choosing some genetically determined shape. When she discovers a form that she cannot understand logically, it makes her happy somehow. Shigematsu is drawn to strange shapes which posses both pleasing and discomforting facets. She applies colored slip with a brush, burnishes the leather-hard surface with a stone, and fires to 900 degrees. The TitleBone Ear, is her term for expressing "feeling" in a way that resonates in our hearts.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Contemporary Art NIKI, Tokyo, 1997; Kaibundo Gallery, Kobe, 1997, '95 and '93; Gallery Haku, Osaka, 1984 - '97; Galerie Pousse, Tokyo, 1996, '93 and '91; Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo, 1994; Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo, 1994 and '89; Gallery Beni, Kyoto, 1994, '92, '89, '87 and '86; Gallery Maronia, Kyoto, 1991 and '82; City Gallery, Kobe, 1989; and Gallery Genkai, Tokyo, 1988 and '86.

Her selected group exhibitions include: The Heart of the Creator in Contemporary Ceramic Art, Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shiga, 1998; Vessel and Art, Gallery Isogaya, Tokyo, 1997; Contemporary Ceramics, Japan Information and Culture Center, Washington, DC, 1996; Exhibition - Recognition, Ceramics Art School of Korea - Japan, KyungPook Sanup University, Korea, 1996; Selected Artist Exhibition, Kyoto Municipal Museum, 1996; Clay Work, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, 1994; Art and the Inner Eye, Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi, 1994; Contemporary Ceramics 1950 - 1990, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, 1993; The Present Tendency of Ceramics, Kobe Seibu, Kobe and Ikebukuro Seibu, Tokyo, 1992; Artists of Hyogo, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe, 1992 and '90; International Competition Mino, Tsjimi, 1989 and '86; Osaka Contemporary Art Fair '88, Osaka Prefectural Modern Art Center, 1988; and Origin of Ornamentation, Gallery Haku, Osaka, 1988.
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