Mitsuko Shimada

Country: Japan

Title:  Genesis

Medium: Clay

Size: Installation view

The World's Women On-Line!

Shimada was born in Kumamoto, Japan. She graduated from Kansai Women's Art Junior College with a major in Ceramics within the Crafts Department. She furthered her studies for three years at Seville Art School in Spain. Shimada states, "My creative mind is inspired when I'm filled with loneliness. But in the process of creation, I'm freed from loneliness knowing that we, human beings are all babies hugged and loved by a huge mother-like universe. At the very moment I accept this feeling, my work and I unite as one." How the title Genesis came to be: In 1985, Shimada coated a balloon with melted clay and hung it from the ceiling for a few days. She pondered the shriveled mud and was fascinated by the fact that the "balloon had died, but it had definitely created this beautiful shape of mud." The circulation of shrinking - dying and expansion - birth is prominent in Genesis, and will continue forever in her work.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Ankokuron-ji Temple, Kamakura, Japan, 1997; Ms. Rideell and Ms. Wright Commemorated House, Kumamoto, Japan, 1997; Ginza Kumamoto-kan Art Gallery, Tokyo, 1991; Ginza Matsuzakaya Art Gallery, Tokyo, 1991, '87 and '85; Kintetsu Art Gallery, Osaka, 1990, '89 and '82; and Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Osaka, 1986.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Joint Exhibition by 6, The Air Gallery, London, 1998; World Peace Through Art: Wind, Word, Woman, Loveland Museum / Gallery, Colorado, 1998; International Open-air Sculpture Exhibition, Fukuoka, 1996; Japan-Korea Open-air Ceramic Exhibition, World Ceramics, Expo '96, Saga, 1996; 1200th Heiankyo Anniversary Open-air Ceramic Exhibition, Kyoto, 1994; and EMON Exhibition, American Center, Fukuoka, 1984.
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