Leah Siegel

Country: USA

Title:  Farragut.map

Medium: Computer drawing

Size: 40" x 50"

The World's Women On-Line!

Siegel's work is about the violences and uncertainties we confront every day, about repercussions to the body as well as injuries to the land and nation. By using the metaphor of mapping in theMap Series, she contradicts the conventions of a single reality. She questions the issue of location, of a fixed knowable position. Rather than state, "You are here," the maps ask "Where are you?" Most often Siegel draws them directly on the computer with no reference to any photographs.

She comes to the computer after working in film, video, and photography. As these mediums converge, the meanings shift and the boundaries blur. After 20 years in Manhattan, New York, she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to live and work more closely in contact with nature.

Siegel's selected exhibitions include: Examining Room, Ceres Gallery, New York, 1994; Parsons School of Design, New York, 1994; Picture-Element, Art Initiatives, New York, 1993; SIGGRAPH '92, Chicago, Illinois, 1992; Louisville Arts Society, Louisville, Kentucky, 1992; Radix Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona, 1992 and '91; Exploring Maps, Indiana State University, 1992; ABC No Rio, New York, 1991; A/C Project Space, New York, 1991; Four Artists Who Work With Computers, New York University, 1990; 80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York, 1989; The Knitting Factory, New York, 1988; and Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1986.
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