Ari Sono

Country: Japan

Title:  Choukuu

Medium: Ceramics

The World's Women On-Line!

Sono graduated from the Aichi Prefecture owned Seto College of Pottery. She has produced numerous ceramic wall relief sculptures in locations all over Japan including: Tsuru City's Post Office, 1998; Akimoto Construction, Takasaki City, 1997; entrance and lobby of Takikawa Hospital, 1994; entrance of the Main Office Building of Nihon Sarmonics Inc., Ltd., 1993; Life Port Toyohashi's lobby, Toyohashi City, 1993; Main Office Building of Sekisui Heim Inc., Ltd., 1993; Heisei Academy, Nagano, 1993; Oohashi Public Hall, Tsuru City, 1992; The Hall of Physician in Meguro Ward, 1991; Kaiseidoh Hospital, Tsuru City, 1991; Toyohashi City owned Gymnasium, 1989; a special treatment home for the aged, Toyohashi City, 1988; and Ojiya City Hall of Traditional Industry, Niigata Prefecture.

Selected solo exhibitions of her work include: Odakyu Department Store, Shinjuku, biennially since 1978; Maruei Department Store, Toyohashi City, 1987 and '83; and Mitsukoshi Department Store, Sapporo, 1985.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Japan Craft Exhibition, 1997; Triennial Porcelain Exhibition, Izushi City, 1994; 3rd Exhibition of Contemporary Carved Pottery, 1990; Asahi Exhibition of Contemporary Craft, 1990; The Second Triennial Exhibition of International Pottery in Minoh '89, 1989; The Exhibition of Contemporary Carved Pottery, 1988; The First Triennial Exhibition of International Pottery in Minoh '86, 1986; Joint Exhibition, Matsuzakaya Department Store, Yokohama, 1985; Asahi Pottery Exhibition, 1985 and '83; China and Japan International Pottery Exhibition, 1985 and '84; Japan Pottery Exhibition, 1985; The Exhibition of Cups, Kyoto Gallery, Tohsenboh, 1983; The Exhibition of The Chosen Three Women's Pottery, Kyoto Gallery, 1983; The Exhibition of Woman's Made Vessel, Isetan Department Store, Shinjuku; and Musashino Traditional Craft Exhibition, 1979.
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