Kay Spitler

Country: USA

Title:  Still Life

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 36" x 18"

The World's Women On-Line!

Spitler received her BA in Studio Art from Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California. She has worked with sculpture, but her primary focus is on painting in oil, watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media. Spitler states, "I have intense respect and empathy for everyone who puts their concerns and feelings into art; we are all naked."

Still Life is dedicated to a young woman Spitler met in Hiroshima years ago and to the men, women, and children who lost their lives or had their health destroyed in the South Pacific in World War II. In this work it is ironic and intriguing that the shape of intercontinental ballistic missiles should fit so perfectly the windows of the structures (e.g. churches) we build to try to find the best in ourselves. Since nuclear radiation can destroy DNA, its symbol appears on the nose cones of the missiles. The vacant flag, included with the flags of the five nuclear powers, symbolizes countries which do not admit they have nuclear bombs and countries which are trying to aquire them.

Her selected exhibitions include: Marin County Wine Fair, California, 1985; 30th Annual Fine Arts Open Competition, Northern California Arts, Inc., 1984; Marin County Fair, Honorable Mention, California, 1984 and '81; California Species: Biological Art and Illustration, The Oakland Museum, California, 1980.
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