Ann Stretton

Country: USA

Title:  Masked Moon

Medium: Metal leaf, oil on canvas

Size: 56" x 42"

The World's Women On-Line!

Stretton received her BFA in Painting from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a member of Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors and Wisconsin Women in the Arts. Stretton states, "I create out of obsession rather than use art as metaphor, for I am fascinated by color, pattern, and texture, and find more true beauty in manufactured products, textiles, and nature than in that which is labled 'art'." She has been exhibiting since 1983, has been involved in over 150 solo, group, and juried exhibitions, and has done it all on her own.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: West Bend Art Museum, West Bend, Wisconsin, 1997; Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1996; The Jewelers Workshop, Madison, Wisconsin, 1994; Brave Hearts Theatre Window Art Series, Madison, 1994; GEF-1 State Office Building, Madison, 1994; U-Frame-It, Madison, 1994; University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union, Madison, 1993; Gallery 10, Rockford, Illinois, 1993; Campus Lutheran Center, Madison, 1990; The A.R.T. Gallery, Madison, 1990; Cozzola's, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1988 and '89; Poor Richard's, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1989; and Kipper's Gallery, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1987.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Women's Art Exhibit, Monroe Art Center, Monroe, Wisconsin, 1994; 2nd Anniversary Show, Gallery 218, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1993; Gardens Gone Wild, Memorial Union Galleries, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, 1992; 2-D Graduate Review, 7th Floor Gallery, Humanities Building, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, 1990, '91 and '92; All Members Anniversary Show, Gallery B106, Madison, 1992; Small Objects Show, Gallery B106, Madison, 1991; Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 1991; Card Art Exhibit, Gallery Ten, Rockford, Illinois, 1991; and Women's Art Show, Madison Municipal Building, Madison, 1991.
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