Megann Thomas

Country: USA

Title:  What Do Your Legs Support

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 4' x 2' x 2'

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Megann Thomas received her BFA from the University of Kentucky, Lexington. She believes that, "Form, composition, and space are the craftsman's watch words-- attributes which lend themselves to measuring; but the motivation lurking behind them is one of the characteristics which may distinguish an artist from an artisan. Though craft may immortalize a work, the need to create transcends immortality."

She lives with the chronic disease, diabetes. Like artist, Frida Kahlo, who with extraordinary physical and emotional turmoil found art both compelling and healing, anger and resentment many times drive Thomas' work. She transforms the bad energy produced by her diabetes and lets it fuel her creative process, using diverse materials which are sometimes scavenged from old abandoned houses: gnarled wood, rusty steel, shattered glass, wallpaper peelings, etc. Her metaphorical link: "Diabetes makes the body resemble the remains of a deserted building where the outside looks inhabitable, but the interior is a vandalized void, stripped of everything which kept the habitat livable."

Her selected exhibitions include: Members Only Show, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, 1995; Mixed Media Exhibition 1995, Slidell Cultural Center, New Orleans, 1995; Two Person Show, Arts Place, Lexington, 1994; Kentucky Diabetes Foundation, Cincinnati, 1994; Destroying Demons, BFA Solo Exhibit, Central District Warehouse, Lexington, 1993; Rust Never Sleeps, Barnhart Gallery, Lexington, 1993; Undergraduate Exhibition, Barnhart Gallery, Lexington, 1993; Oswald Creativity Competition, Rasdall Gallery, Lexington, 1992 and '93; Grand Opening Show, Clark Gallery, Lexington, 1992; and Women's Oracle, Barnhart Gallery, Lexington, 1992.
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