Kathy Thor

Country: USA

Title:  Clark's Gawking Friend

Medium: Clay

Size: 4" x 2"

The World's Women On-Line!

Thor received her BFA from the University of Iowa, Iowa City. She was Assistant Director of Quigley Art Gallery, Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa from 1986-'89; Colloquium Speaker, University of Iowa in 1990; and Visiting Artist, Ceramics Department, University of Iowa in 1992.

Her selected exhibitions include: Riverfest Art Sale, Iowa Memorial Union, Iowa City, 1992, '93, and '94; Studio View, Cosgrove Institute, Cosgrove, Iowa, 1993; Last Cast Iron Sculpture Show, Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratory, Iowa City, 1993; BFA Senior Exhibit, Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratory, 1993; Ceramics Society Christmas Sale, Iowa Memorial Union, 1992; Woodfired Ceramics, Checkered Space, Iowa City, 1992; and BFA Exhibit, Solo Show, Checkered Space, Iowa City, 1990.
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