Amelia Toledo

Country: Brazil

Title:  Seven Waves

Medium: 3-D computer image

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Toledo's image, Seven Waves, was conceived computerwise with her partner, Sergio Menegassi, for a one minute video on the Seven Waves - A Planetary Sculpture. The 3-D version ofSeven Waves is formed by sets of seven stainless steel bands which emerge from different points of the Earth, forming waves. Each band measures 4.5 m x 1 m x 4 mm with the height varying according to the distance between its ends.

Toledo states, "Waves are at the limit of matter, at the beginning of sound and light. The number seven is in the principle of Creation: ancient knowledge, myths, and natures rhythms (crystalline growth, water movements), constantly refer to the number seven. White light shining through a prism opens up into seven colors, seven wave frequencies."

Toledo also offers the following description of Seven Waves: "The seven waves develop upon the Earth's surface, appearing like impulses, sources of energy pointing to new poles, new perspectives from where to perceive the planet.
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