Monica Graciela Topazio

Country: Argentina

Title:  Marginal Note

Medium: Assemblage, acrylic on canvas

Size: 110 x 110 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Topazio lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her professional studies include: Set Design and Scenography, Institute of High Art of the Colón Theatre, Buenos Aires; Painting Workshop of Professor Aníbal Carreño; Cinematic Animation, SICA, Buenos Aires; Computer Animation, CECODAL, Buenos Aires; "Introduction to the Realization of Photographic Images," 21 credit hours, National School of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires; "The Crisis of the Renaissance to the Realism of the 19th Century," 12 credit hours, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires; and "From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance." 12 credit hours, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.

Topazio has been both Second Year Faculty in the National School of Sculpture and National Professor of Painting, at the National Institute of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires. She also earned 40 teaching hours at the Second Latin American Conference of Education for the Arts, MAEPA, Buenos Aires. Her work has won Honorable Mention in Murals Contest, Undersecretaryship of the Youth, Municipality of Buenos Aires; Second Contests of the Coquis in the Puerto de Olivos, Olivos, Argentina; and First Contest of Artistic Drawing "J. Pérez Villamil", Ferrol, Spain. Locations of her public mural works in Buenos Aires include: Dorrego Market, N. Vega and C. Arenal; Corner of Desaguadero and H. de Almerira; and Sports Center of the neighborhood of Saavedra, M. Pedreza and Cramer.

Her selected exhibitions include: Dios las críaŠ, Provincial Museum of Fine Arts "Juan R. Vidal", Corriente, Argentina, 1997; Pinturas, Chamber of Commerce of Industry Production of Resistance, Resistance, Argentina, 1995; Painting Workshop, charge of Aníbal Carre&ncirc;o, ESPACIO GIESSO, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994; Three is a Crowd, Association of the People for the Arts of Avellanda, Avellanda, Argentina, 1993; 90's Promotion, National Museum of Decorative Arts, Buenos Aires, 1990; and Regio Theatre, Buenos Aires, 1989.
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