Dimitra Tserkezou

Country: Bulgaria


Title: Fighting

Medium: Bronze

Size: 2,15 x 1,55 x 1,00 m


The World's Women On-Line!

Tserkezou was born in Constantinople, Turkey to Greek parents and later moved to Athens, Greece where she received her degree in Sculpture from the National School of Fine Arts. She also practiced metal moulding art in Milan, Italy. Her artwork is neorealist and figurative in a simple, expressive and dynamic construction; her compositions are full of humanism (her subjects chosen from modern every day life); and she gives life to the hard materials of marble, bronze, cement, and new metals.

She has participated in many solo exhibitions and international exhibitions in Piraeus and Athens, Greece; Milan, Turin, and Rome, Italy; Paris, Monaco, Deauville, and Strasbourg, France; Brussels, Belgium; Dusseldorf, Germany; and Quebec, Canada, etc. Forty of her sculptures decorate public places and gardens in Greece, and some others are in Greek Pinacothèques and in foreign collections (such as Zürich, Switzerland; the Vatican, Rome, Italy; and the White House, Washington, DC).

Tserkezou has been honored by many medals and distinctions including: Golden Medal, "Burckhardt Campidoglio d'Oro", Burckhardt Academy, Rome, Italy, 1979; Golden Medal, the Tommazo Campanella Academy, Rome, Italy, 1972; Silver Medal, at the Exposition Biennale d'Art Contemporanea, Rome, Italy, 1968; Silver Medal, at the International Exhibition Città del Sole, Rome, Italy, 1966; and Silver Medal, at the International Exhibition Quadriennale d'Europa, Rome, Italy, 1966.

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