Christiane D. Tsouo-Harvey

Country: USA

Title:  Androgynous Madonna

Medium: Oil

Size: 24" x 20"

The World's Women On-Line!

From Chinese and French origin, Tsouo-Harvey was born and educated in France. There, at age 16, she studied with Master Didier-Tourné who initiated her to drawing and painting with charcoal and gouache. She has also studied at the Musée du Louvre, the School of Applied Arts, and the School of Fine Arts in Paris; and Fort Mason, the Haight-Ashbury Studio, and the Sam Provenzano Studio in San Francisco. Tsouo-Harvey, a contemporary, realist painter uses pastels, gouache, and oil medias. She states, "In a world where the negative forces of hate, violence, greed, and fear seem to prevail, I search to emphasize and strengthen the life forces of beauty, harmony, and the contemplation of positive feelings."

Her selected solo exhibitions include: First Interstate Bank, Van Ness / Clay, San Francisco, 1994-present; San Francisco Patisserie Café, 1994 and '95; and Alliance Française Art Gallery, San Francisco, 1994.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Washington Square Gallery, San Francisco, 1994 and '95; Colors, Emeryville, California, 1995; San Francisco Women Artist Gallery, San Francisco, 1994; Sam Provenzano Studio, San Francisco, 1993; and French American International School, San Francisco, 1993.
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