Carola Unterberger-Probst

Country: Austria

Title:  mtv.generation

Medium: Photography (from series of 18 images)

The World's Women On-Line!

Unterberger-Probst was born in Austria. She studied analysis and production of audiovisual media at the Universities of Art in Linz, Austria; Paris, London, the University of Salzburg, Germany; and at the media Center, Fast Forward. Since 1996, she has developed numerous cinematic and photographic works. She has focused on cultural issues and is an authority on Gender-Mainstreaming, interlaced and critical thinking, thinking in alternatives, social and intercultural sensitivity. Her work has included documentary film, experimental film, photography, installations, sculpture, and art in public places. Since 1999, Unterberger-Probst has developed numerous theoretical discourse contributions (among other things lectures on gender.frames & deconstruction) and the publication, Gestaltungsspielräume about the free art-scene of Upper Austria. Since 2002, the culture action group, Medea, forms the creative and scientific center of various projects. Unterberger-Probst is a member of the womens' artists' group XX and IG Cultur (Industrial Culture Union of Austria).

Her selected film/video presentations include: Gdansk, Offenes Atelier, Wyspa, Gdansk, Poland and Gruppen-ausstellung, Kliemsteinhaus, Linz, Austria, 2005; ||:fragment:||, Institute of Arts Wyspa, Gdansk, Poland, 2005; Staatsoper (state opera), Instant 36 Kurzfilm-Festival, Salzburg, Austria, and 2005: Odyssee Im Staatsraum Film-Festival, Vienna, Austria, 2005; Ajvatan, 2005: odyssee im staatsraum Film-Festival, Vienna, and Ohne Kohle Film Festival, Vienna, 2005; Bottom Up -Von Fünfen, University of Salzburg, Austria, Bundesfachschaftstagung (RK Federal Trade Association Conference) Gender Studies 2004, Hamburg, Germany, and Berlinale 2005, Capturing the... Thruth?, Berlin, Germany, 2005; zwischen kunst, medien, sozialem, integration, politik, jugend + bildung, TV-report, LT1, Austria, 2004; Laufende Kamera (Current Camera), life.cut Festival, KAPU, Linz, Austria, 2004; girls'day, Büro für Frauenfragen, Salzburg, Austria, 2004; Nachtflug (Night Flight), Movimento Cinema, Linz, 2003; Urbane Befindlichkeiten (Presentnesses), Trans Public and MAIZ, Linz, 2002.

Her other contemporary art projects include: ASCII, animation, painting for the opening of the studio in Hahnegasse, 2005; Images, photography (series from 12 subjects), Group XX open studio, Linz, Austria, 2004; Dito, photography (1 subject), Group XX open studio, Linz, 2004; Apoint, photography (series from 3 subjects) Group XX open studio, Linz, 2004; wome .art.bodies, installation / sculpture / photography, Group XX group exhibition, XX-ungelöst (XX unresolved), Salzamt, Linz, 2003; mtv.generation, photography (series from 18 subjects, Galerie Palais Mannstorff, Linz, 2003; Babadag, Installation / Performance, Linz Fest, Linz, 2003; Fröbelstrasse 13, photography, Bar Klausur, Linz, 2001; Unsichtbares Oberösterreich -Hochzeit (invisible Upper Austrian wedding), Unsichtbares Oberösterreich 1998, Linz, and TV-report, ORF, Seitenblicke, Linz, 1998.
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