Leeds Animation Workshop

Country: England

Title:  Fantasyland

Medium: Film / Video animation

Size: Single frame

The World's Women On-Line!

Leeds Animation Workshop is a women's collective set up in 1976 to produce and distribute animated films on social issues. The five members of the workshop are Jane Bradshaw, Milena Drag, Janis Goodman, Stephanie Munro, and Terry Wragg. The films have been shown on television, in cinemas, and at film festivals in Europe and abroad. Many of them have been translated into other languages.

The image, Fantasyland, is a single frame from the film, Through the Glass Ceiling (1994, 17 minutes). This film, a fairy tale set in the real world, stimulates ideas and discussion about many issues including gender discrimination, racism and other predudices, career guidance, selection procedures, harassment, family-friendly policies, and positive action.

Leeds Animation Workshop films have been funded and commissioned over the years by many different bodies, including the British Institute, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Channel Four, the European Commission, the Health & Safety Executive, NALGO, the Equal Opportunities Commission, and various local and regional government bodies, arts organizations, and charities.
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