Yong Mei Wu

Country: P.R. China

Title:  The Season of Growing

Medium: Pottery

Size: Installation

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A graduate from the Sculpture Department of the Beijing Fine Arts School, Wu made her first piece of pottery only several years ago. Her irregular and eerie creations won the immediate notice of her counterparts. Wu states, "My hands are especially sensitive with clay. I feel an inner force, a very strong yet intangible will to be connected with the earth." She has lived and studied in the homes of pottery artisans in Yuxian County, Henan; Zibo City, Shandong; and Tongchuan County, Shaanxi. In these famous historical pottery-making areas she observed traditional methods and found inspiration, though she is dedicated to making a breakthrough in both the themes and presentation of pottery art.

Her work has been reviewed by art critics in the magazines Sculpture and Traveler, March 1997; in the newspaper China Youth Daily, Oct. 31, 1996; in Beijing Weekend, Oct. 25, 1996; on front page of Beijing Evening News, Oct. 24, 1996; and in China Daily, Jan. 28, 1996.

Her selected exhibitions include: Han Gallery, Beijing, 1996; Ditan Park, Beijing, 1996; Beijing International Art Gallery, 1995; China History Museum, Beijing, 1991; China Arts and Crafts Gallery, Beijing, 1990; and China Arts Gallery, Beijing, 1989.
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