Xiao Xiao-Lan

Country: P.R. China

Title:  Work of '94 I

Medium: Silkscreen

Size: 69 x 56 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Xiao-Lan is a woodcut artist who also works on paper. She pays attention to the beautiful interrelationship between the materials used and the concepts and feelings intended to be conveyed. The merging of perception and rationality in her images is based on her inner experience, which comes from her knowledge of the outside world as well as her personal experience as a result of her immediate environment.

In 1992, Xiao-Lan's artwork won the Creation Award of the Chinese Young Woodcut Artists Grand Exhibition. Her work is in the collections of: the Association of Chinese Artists, Shanghai Art Museum, and Shanghai Artists Association. In 1994, Shanghai TV Station made and released a special TV movie entitled "Female Woodcut Artist Xiao Xiao-Lan. "

Her selected recent exhibitions include: Xiao Xiao-Lan Artwork Exhibition, Shanghai, China, 1995; The East Asian Artists' Exhibition, Japan, 1995; The Eighth Chinese National Art Exhibition, Beijing, China, 1994; and The Fifth International Biannual Woodcut Exhibition, Taipei, China, 1992.
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