Michie Yamaguchi

Country: Japan

Title:  Mizu No Tou - Water Tower (detail)

Medium: Cotton, shibori-dyeing

Size: 1' to 3' strips, filling approx. 200 window panes

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Yamaguchi was born in Kyoto, Japan. She graduated from Jouan Joshi Junior College and Ritsumeikan University.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Wacol Ginza Art Space, Tokyo, 1985 and '84; Sakaimachi Gallery, Kyoto, 1985; and Kyoto International Craft Center, 1984.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Textile Wear Art, Gallery Savoir Vivre, Tokyo, 1985; Sound Laboratory, Performance with fabric, Doushisha University, 1985; Music Theater Piece, Performance with baloon and fabric, 1985 and '84; Miniatures 14 x 14, ARK, Kyoto and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1983; Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Hankyu Department Store Gallery, Osaka, 1983; 6th Shinjin Dyeing and Weaving Exhibition, Sousaka Award, 1981; Gallery Jouan Memorial Exhibition, 1981; 4th Shinjin Dyeing and Weaving Exhibition, 1979; and 32nd Kyoto Art and Craft Exhibition, 1979.
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