Silvia Young

Country: Argentina

Title:  Titulo: Autobiografia

Medium: Installation

Size: 2 m x 2 m

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Sylvia Young was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She contributes to the National School of Fine Arts Fernando Fader and is on the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters teaching Introduction to the Arts. She also teaches Art History at the Institute of Hispanic Culture. She is represented by Klemm Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Cultural Institute of Providencia, Chile, 1994; National Endowment for the Arts, 1994; Giesso Place, 1992; Altos de Sarmiento Gallery, 1990; and Cultural Center of the City of Buenos Aires, 1987.

Her selected group exhibitions include: 4th National Galleries Exhibition, 1994; Boxes, Objects - Object Boxes, Gilo Gallery, 1994; International Journeys of Criticism, Recoleta Cultural Center, 1994; A.E.I.O.U., Recoleta Cultural Center, 1994; Giesso Place, 1993; The Prove, joint installation with Maribel Martinez, 1993; 500 Years of Repression, Cultural Center of the City of Buenos Aires, 1992; International Journeys of Criticism, Centoira Gallery, 1992; Figueroa House Gallery, 1992; Lezama Park, Sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art, 1991; Evening of the Arts, General Cultural Center of San Martín, 1990; Three Young Artists, Ruth Benzacar Gallery, 1986; Municipal Salon of Manuel Belgrano, 1986; Annual Latin American Plastic Arts Exhibit, 1985; Salon of the Argentine Society of Plastic Artists, 1984; and Esteban Echevarría Gallery, 1984.
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