Yu ShiXu

Country: P.R. China

Title:  The Girl of She Nationality

Medium: Wood carving

Size: 61 x 47 cm

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Yu ShiXu was born in Guiyang, P.R. China. Since graduating from the Engraving Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1964, she has continually worked in textile, packing, and decorative design. She practices traditional Chinese watercolor woodblock printing, creates wooden carvings in relief, and produces works of engraving, watercolor, and oil-painting. Her work has been shown in many city, provincial, national, and international exhibitions. Currently, Yu ShiXu is Professor of the Fine Arts Department at Xiamen University. She is a member of the China Packing Design Association; the standing committee of the Fujian Packing and Decoration Designing Association; the Fujian Watercolor Research Association; and the Xiamen Engraving Association.

Her wood engravings have been published in newspapers such as Fujian Daily, Sichuan Daily, Philippine Business, and Philippine China Daily; her watercolors have been published in magazines such as Art and China Watercolour; and her oil-paintings have been published in Xiamen Daily and shown in a solo exhibition in Taibei, Taiwan which was reported by Xiamen TV.

In 1986, Yu ShiXu's textile design was awarded the Prize of Excellent Design by the Textile Department of the country. In 1994, she was granted the title of the First Batch of the Excellent Designers of Fujian Province, and Xiamen TV reported it.
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